Why choose yoga at Burgundy High Performance Centre?

Tracy is our yoga expert. You have full access to her timetabled sessions with a Burgundy HPC membership!

Tracy is Burgundy High Performance Centre’s resident yoga expert. You have full access to her timetabled sessions with a Burgundy HPC membership, with non-members welcome for R80 per session. Call 060 946 6731 to secure your place – booking essential!

The definition of yoga is to reunite, to join.

This can be looked at from various levels of the personality: physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual.

From a physical level, the art of yoga practice unites the movement of body with breath. Among the benefits of this are revitalized organs, glands, muscles and joints.

As we move in and out of the dynamic poses while synchronizing the breath, the internal organs are massaged. For example, when we twist we flush out the stagnant blood and bring in the fresh, healing blood through all the organs.

A few twists a week keeps the doctor and aging process away!

At the mental level, we find ourselves in the present moment when we concentrate on disciplined breath work. Whenever the mind is kept in the present, we can find a sense of peace and wellbeing.

On the intellectual level, the act of reuniting means we must reunite with our birthright as a human being. Humans alone have the capacity to think, decide and make unique lifestyle choices. This intellect should be developed and applied to make the right choices in life for happy, healthy living.

And at the absolute level, the spiritual level, yoga implies that we have separated from our true selves – and any efforts to regain our true identity, Bliss, is called yoga, the art of reuniting.

So whichever applies to you – be it physical, mental, intellectual or spiritual – this is what you can gain from a Burgundy High Performance Centre yoga class.

If you’re interested in the ancient philosophy of yoga, you are welcome to speak to me about joining our regular weekly classes.

I also offer private one-on-one and small group sessions in Burgundy Estate. Please contact me on 060 946 6731 for rates and details.

Light & Love,

Yogini Tracy-lee

Not a gym member yet?

You’ve come to the right place! We offer everyone a free introductory session to check out our gym in Burgundy Estate and meet our trainers, no strings attached.
We have a range of gym membership options to suit the needs of you and your family.
Take a look at our gym timetable, choose the class to suit you and book in right now via any of these methods:

Visit us: 22 Viridian Street, Burgundy Estate, Cape Town, 7441.
Call us: 066 257 3626 (06:00-20:00, Mon-Fri).
email us: hello@burgundyhpc.co.za.

What other gym classes can I do?

Check out our dedicated page to find out more about all the gym sessions available at Burgundy High Performance Centre, as well as our full range of daily classes on our timetable.
All of these are available when you take up any of our membership contracts, designed to suit your needs.
We also offer personal training on top of our memberships. Meet our professional team of trainers right here.

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