Gym classes: Neuro Fit Fusion

Enhance your neurological patterning and create equilibrium between your left and right hemispheres. Fine-tune your mind-body connection.
Burgundy Estate gym classes

Neuro Fit Fusion

Give your mind/body connection the fine-tuning it deserves with the Neuro Fit Fusion class at Burgundy High Performance Centre.

Led by Neuro Fit founder Stefan Bester, these sessions are crafted to enhance your neurological patterning, creating equilibrium between your left and right hemispheres.

Equal muscular contractions are key to encouraging your balance, as well as boosting the production of neuroplasticity in your brain cells.

What other gym classes can I do?

Check out our dedicated page to find out more about all the gym sessions available at Burgundy High Performance Centre, as well as our full range of daily classes on our timetable.

All of these are available when you take up any of our membership contracts, designed to suit your needs.

We also offer personal training on top of our memberships. Meet our professional team of trainers right here.


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