When you sign up for a digital subscription or take part in a small group or personal coaching session with Burgundy High Performance Centre, you’ll be directly benefitting the young coaches and athletes of Connect Sports Academy.

While some of Connect’s athletes go on to become professional sportsmen and women, others benefit from other opportunities we provide within the sports industry.

Our academy provides work experience, further education and qualifications for our young adults taking this route, often combining coaching and administrative work with continuing their athletic development.

It’s all part of our commitment to nurture professional young adults, on and off the sports field, empowering them as not just employees but entrepreneurs.


How does Connect work?

Connect Sports Academy exists to nurture young people on their journey into the professional sports industry. With a holistic, hands-on approach, we give those with the potential to become professional athletes every chance to achieve their dream with consistent access to quality resources and opportunities.


We are committed to nurturing rounded, qualified and confident young adults, whether they go on to play professional sport or pursue other related industry roles. This has never been more important than now, with youth unemployment so high for South Africa’s next generation.

In 2018 Connect Sports Academy moved into our permanent home, Burgundy High Performance Centre in Burgundy Estate, Cape Town.

Here, our athletes train, learn and grow into emerging professionals, on and off the rugby field under the guidance of our team.

The facility is also a space where Connect’s athletes can continue their professional development after leaving the school system through coaching, work opportunities and further qualifications.

Connect is a registered non-profit company with PBO status and can issue a Section 18(A) certificate for all South African donations.

From grassroots to high performance.


With roots in community development in the township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town, Connect Sports Academy began using the power of sport, especially rugby, to uplift underprivileged children in 2014.

Connect’s volunteer team ran regular, mass-participation training sessions on any available patch of land, while entering teams of youngsters into touch and mini rugby competitions around Cape Town.

While our grassroots work continues in Khayelitsha, Connect is determined to create a lasting human legacy by forging consistent pathways for children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to unlock their full potential in the wider world.