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It's more than a membership.

A digital subscription with Burgundy High Performance Centre benefits you, as well as the future of South African sport through our partnership with Connect Sports Academy.

Enjoy access to our high performance coaching, wherever you are in the world, when you sign up for online sessions streamed from our gym and studio in Cape Town.

Take a seven day free trial to receive six digital sessions, as well as full access to our video exercise library in English and isiXhosa.


High Performance is for everyone.

You can also delve into our exercise video library, designed by our coaching team to improve your ability to train effectively and safely in English and isiXhosa.

Better still, by becoming a member you’ll be directly benefiting the emerging professionals of Connect Sports Academy including our coaches, who will guide you through a range of strength & conditioning, high-intensity sessions, mobility and animal movement.

Everything can be done through your profile our website, while you can also take a seven-day free trial before committing to a subscription.

Living in Cape Town? Our coaches also offer in-person, small-group sessions and personal coaching packages to suit your needs. Contact us now to start your high performance journey.

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